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What in the world?

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I’ve started blogs before and never been consistent about it, so what in the world am I doing starting this one you might ask?

Well, I want to start a blog focusing on my love of preaching and on my ministry and life in general.  I hope it is of some benefit to you, and if nothing else, I hope it is of some benefit to me.
Grace and Peace



Author: ehallett

Follower of Jesus, Honoring God, Father, Husband, Minister.

One thought on “What in the world?

  1. Commented today at a funeral of an Elder’s funeral, one with whom I had served for several years. Told his family that if you wanted a long discussion just ask him about his family – that was fine because he loved his family and they do exceptional things for the Lord’s work. Just like him I am proud of my family and think my son is exceptional in his love for family and the Lord.

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