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Lament in the Wilderness of Life


At the urging of my wife, I’m going to post this.  We’ve been through a long journey through a wilderness season of life-and don’t know when that wilderness experience will end.  As an exercise while reading through the Psalms of Lament, I created a lament for us to pray together.

Psalm of Lament for the Hallett Family

A song of Eric to no particular tune.

Why do people give hope with their lips,

But destroy hope by what they do?


Where are your people?

Where are they to show us your love?

Where are they so that we might see you?

Where are your prophets?

Where are your encouragers?


There is no one by our side to help us;

No one cares about us.

There is no one to shelter us.

No one cares that our life withers away!


We wander alone in a strange desert landscape.

In our desolate state, how can we sing to you?

Yet, still we sing to enter your throne room.


But where are you?  We cannot find you.

It feels like you’re hiding from us!

Our hearts tell us to seek for you;

But we can’t find you.

Why have you hidden yourself,

And allowed such pain to come upon us?


Do you hear our prayers as we cry out?

You alone are our God;

Hear our cry for mercy!

Do not be silent, for silence places us in a pit!

You have put us in a pit, a dark place…

You have taken our friends away…

We are confined with no hope of escape…

And our eyes overflow with tears.


Save us!  When we call, answer quickly!

For we are poor and needy,

And our hearts are wounded.

Deliver us!

Help us out of the goodness of your love!

For your name’s sake, do something!


For we trust in you God;

We trust your name and your word.

Others do not trust in you;

They trust in anything but you.

But our trust is in you alone,

Yet you have forgotten us like someone long dead.


Do great things in us so that your greatness is seen!

Is there some reason for us to be ashamed?

You have told us we are made blameless,

So why are we being punished?

We want to do your work,

But people will laugh and mock us if we are unable!

Will they also mock you?

Do great things in us so that your greatness is seen!


“If you, Lord, kept a record of sins,

Lord who could stand?

But with you there is forgiveness,”

Let us not be ashamed and forgive us,

“So that we can, with reverence, serve you.”


We cry to you, God!

Stand with us; stand by us!

Give us shelter; provide for us now!

You are our help and will deliver us.


Listen to our cry, for we are in desperate need.

Be with us.  Show us your face.  Show us your love.

Guide us, and let us honor you.

Do not hide from us any longer.

Do great things in us.


Author: ehallett

Follower of Jesus, Honoring God, Father, Husband, Minister.

2 thoughts on “Lament in the Wilderness of Life

  1. Just a note…I’m still getting used to this wordpress editor. This lost a lot of my editing. I tried to go back and change some things–like separating the stanzas–but still can’t get the editor to accept some of my other formatting changes. Please forgive me.

  2. This is a great personalization of the Psalm – a special prayer to God. Waiting is hard but you will be victorious!!

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